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Call us on 09 – 884 0369
Call us on 09 – 884 0369

Technical Support

technical support

One step ahead of the rest.

We're a unique Kids Ride on Cars company with in-house technicians who know these models like the back of their hands. They'll fix it, no worries. Give us a call 09 884 0369 Our customer support team are able to provide support over the phone in the event of a problem. If, however, the problem is of a technical nature that they are not able to resolve, they will advise the in-house technicians to speak to you. eMail Us If it's more convenient for you, why not send us an email?

We are extremely proud of our quick response times and someone will help rectify any problems you will have in good time!  If your technical issue is tricky to explain, take photos or a video that shows the issue and send it to us, please include your postcode in the message. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and our support team mostly agree, if the issue is complex images/videos go a long way in helping troubleshoot issues.

In the rare event that the issues cannot be resolved remotely, we will need to arrange for the product to be returned back to us for a full inspection. In the event the product needs to come back to us for inspection/repairs, we aim to have you up and running within 7 working days from the day we receive the product.