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12V Licensed Lamborghini SIAN Ride on Car for Kids

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Current price $369.00

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Color: Yellow

12V Licensed Lamborghini SIAN Ride on Car for Kids : Due to the popular demand of the other Lamborghinis we sell, we just had to start selling the brand new 12V Licensed Lamborghini SIAN Battery Electric Ride On Car. This is only the Italian marque's first production-bound hybrid but also, it's also considered to be the most powerful road car ever! We were really impressed with the Aventador that we already sell but were equally blown away by this rare beauty.

Fully Licensed: It takes all of the original design cues from the original SIAN since the toy is licensed. This means we have Lamborghini's full blessing to use all the stickers, badges, and designs. That is why it looks so authentic.

All-Wheel Suspension: What most of our customers love about the SIAN is the fact that it has ALL-wheel suspension. This makes the ride much more enjoyable for your kid and makes the overall balance much better for them as they are tearing around the garden or park. most rides only have rear-wheel suspension.

Parental Remote Control: The parental remote control allows you to take control of the car whenever you like, and it also overrides the controls for safety. You also have the ability to control the car if your little one is unable to do so. This is great if you have even younger kids that can’t control the car for themselves yet.

Incredible Seat: The seat on this is Electric Ride on Car is incredible in feel, softness, and design, in fact, we'd go as far as to say that it puts some of the real car seats to shame. For those younger ones, the inclusion of a 3-Point Harness with soft padded shoulder pads and easy to use clip-on system is exactly what you are looking for in a ride-on car.

All Around Functioning Light System: Electric Ride on Cars without lights are quite dull, and luckily most of our range features working lights. You need to see it in person to appreciate just how incredible they look! The front and rear lights complete the experience in this beautiful kids' ride-on car.

Integrated Multimedia Player: USB port, Built-In Music, Built-in FM/AM Radio, and best of all an AUX-In Port which gives you the ability to turn this into a audio system.

Soft EVA Tyres: The soft EVA tyres make for a much smoother ride. Another ride-on has a small rubber strip running down the center of a plastic tyre. The EVA tyre on the other hand is soft all round and makes the ride much more enjoyable and comfortable for your little one.

Standout Features

  • 1 x 12V / 2 X 25W motor
  • Padded Leather Style Seat
  • Soft EVA Tyres
  • Spray Painted
  • All-Wheel Suspension
  • Low/High-Speed Mode
  • 3-Point Safety Harness
  • Official Brand Stickers & Badges
  • Battery Voltage Display
  • Opening Doors
  • Functioning Lights
  • Functioning Horn
  • Start-Up Engine Sounds
  • Integrated Multimedia Console
  • Safety Belt
  • 2.4G Parental Remote Control

General Features

  • Brand: Lamborghini
  • Official Brand Stickers & Badges: Yes
  • Seat Capacity: One Seater
  • Battery Specs: 1 x 12V4.5AH
  • Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Kids Cars Max Recommended Age: 8 Years Old
  • Max User Height: 115cm
  • Max Load Capacity: 30KG
  • Tyre Type: EVA Soft Wheels*
  • Clip-On Wheels: No
  • Suspension Type: 4 Wheel Suspension*
  • Speed: 3-5 KM/h
  • Low/High-Speed Mode: Yes
  • Traction: 4 Wheel Drive - No
  • Functioning Lights: Yes - All-Around
  • Opening Doors: Yes
  • Opening Boot: No
  • Opening Bonnet: No
  • Spray Painted: Yes
  • Special Livery: No
  • Sway Function: No
  • Adjustable Steering: No
  • Key Start: No
  • Parental Remote Control: 2.4G
  • Parental Push Handle: No
  • Transport Handle: No
  • Light-Up Dashboard: Yes
  • Functioning Emergency Lights: N/A
  • Functioning Emergency Siren: N/A

Media Console Features

  • USB Port: Yes
  • Smart LCD Screen: No
  • Aux In: Yes
  • Built-In Radio: No
  • Integrated Music: Yes
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: No
  • Start-Up Engine Sounds: Yes
  • Working Horn: Yes
  • Steering Controls: Yes

Battery & Motors

  • Battery Specs: 1 x 12V4.5AH
  • Battery Voltage: 12V
  • Battery Voltage Display: Yes
  • Portable Battery Pack: No
  • Charger Plug Type: NZ 3-Pin Plug
  • Motors: 2 x 25W

Seat Capacity & Features

  • Seat Capacity: One Seater
  • Seat Material: Leather Style*
  • Belt Type: 3 Point Harness*
  • Adjustable Seat: No
  • Motors: 2 x 25W

Dimensions & Weights

  • Product Dimensions: 108 x 62 x 40CM
  • Product Weight: 13KG
  • Box Dimensons: 110 x 58 x 32CM
  • Box Weight: 16KG

Checkout How your kids look a like while driving Lamborghini SIAN Battery Electric Ride On Car: