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Audi R8 Remote Control Replacement 2.4G for HL1818 Kids Ride on Electric Car

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please see the instructions below.

  1. Turn the power OFF on the kid's ride-on car.
  2. Remove the battery cover on the remote-control unit and insert 2 x AAA batteries (avoid Duracell), the three LED Indicators will flash.
  3. Turn the power on the kids ride on an electric car, when the LED Indicators Stop Flashing and 2 of them stay on this means the remote is paired.
  4. Once the remote is paired there is no need to re-pair the remote on next use, only when batteries are changed.
  5. If the remote is not used for a prolonged period of time the remote control will go into sleep mode, to awaken the remote press any button on the remote and you can now use it as normal again.