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Kids Bumper Car | Toddler Bumper Car

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Current price $149.00
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Powered with 2 motors this kids bumper car 6v Waltzer Ride on Kids Car is perfect to enjoy spinning a full 360 degrees with its simple joystick controls.

6V Kids Bumper Car Battery Operated Electric Ride on Toy. Take the fun of the fair home with you and make it mini! Our 6V kid’s Waltzer ride-on bumper cars are designed to bring true joy to your kid's play. The kid's Waltzer cars use a rechargeable 6v battery are powered by a twin motor and come complete with parental remote control. These battery-operated electric ride-on cars are the perfect safe way to play at home. Available in four colors with your kid’s safety at the forefront.

Recreate the fairground in your own home, kitchen, and outdoor play area or garden with this lovely bumper car for kids. Whether they want a toy car that can spin like they’re on the Waltzer or bump into each other like they’re on the bumper cars, there’s a lot for them to enjoy.

Each electric ride-on toy Waltzer and the bumper car comes packed full of both useful and fun features. Each is kid's Waltzer car is battery operated and has safety features for reassurance.

The 6-volt ride-on toy Waltzer is powered by twin motors and the toy car can spin a full 360 degrees. There are simple joystick controls for more confident kids, but parental remote controls offer a safe driving experience for younger children.

Each child’s Waltzer car battery also powers lights and an MP3 player, so you can spin your kids Waltzer like you’re on a trip to the fair. The batteries are fully rechargeable too.

They come complete with:

  • 6v Battery that is fully rechargeable.
  • 2 x 20w Motors for safe speeds.
  • Swing function for added fun!.
  • 360 spins for that full Waltzer fair experience.
  • 2.4G Parental remote control for younger or more reckless kids!.
  • Simple joystick controls for more confident kids.
  • Leather seats to keep them comfy and safe.
  • Strong outer shell designed to resist bumps from other Waltzer.
  • MP3/USB Connectivity so they can spin to music.
  • Max Speed: 2-3MPH to keep your kids safe while they have fun.
  • Max Load: 25kg.
  • Assembled Dimensions: 76cm (L) x 65cm (W) x 65cm (H).
  • Some self-assembly is required.

All the fun of the fairground in your home

Enjoy the fun of the fair without the queues! These 6v battery-operated electric rides on Waltzer offer a full 360 degrees spin experience, just like real Waltzer at the fair. This unique Waltzer car design surrounds your kids so they’re safe, but also it lets them double up as that other classic fairground ride, bumper cars.

This means that once you master the Waltzer spin you can use either the parental remote or joystick controls to bump your specially designed battery bumper cars into each other.

Easy to assemble

  • Our 6v children’s Waltzer car doesn’t come assembled, but it couldn’t be easier to put it together.
  • Get your parts together, they’ll include your universal wheels forward & reversing rod, tail cover, seat, and fastenings for each part.
  • Attach your wheels. Just use the screws to tightly screw the wheels into place.
  • Attach the forward/reverse lever rod. Simply screw this into the correct position.
  • Fix the tail cover to the rear using the screws provided.
  • Connect the battery by matching color to color.
  • Fix the seat into place by slotting it into the buggy and screwing it tight.
  • Make sure each piece has been secured firmly and that screws are tight and you’re good to go! Connecting the battery is a key step, make sure you don’t miss it!

Kids Ride on Waltzer FAQs

What age is your kid’s Waltzer car suitable for?

Our kids ride on Waltzer, and bumper cars are perfect for kids aged 3 to 6 years. For younger children, there’s a parental remote, but when children are a little older, they can drive their toy spin car themselves with the simple joystick controls.

How is the 6V Children’s Waltzer Car Battery Operated Electric Ride on Toy powered?

The Waltzer ride-on toy uses a 6v battery and is powered by 2 x 20w motors. These motors offer enough oomph to give your kids a fun experience without going too fast. How long does the battery last? The children’s Waltzer car battery is fully rechargeable. As the Waltzer car is battery operated you’ll need to keep its battery life in mind between charges. On average the battery will last for 49 minutes to 1 hour before it needs to be charged again.

What’s the maximum speed of your kid’s Waltzer cars?

While the battery-operated electric ride on Waltzer can spin, it can also drive about like a normal car. As it’s designed for both younger children and to act as a bumper ride-on toy car, the max speed is 2-3mph.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Awesome Rides!

I would say they are the coolest little rides for toddlers! My children love being on it and makes them giggle so much as they bump ito each other! Really recommend these cool rides! Thank you for your service and good packaging.

Jodi Redman
Perfect for a 3 year old

I gifted this to my nephew for his 3rd birthday and he loved it! He is ocean animal obsessed so the Sea Whale car was perfect. Got it purely for the fact that it is 360 and that a parent can control it also. It being on sale was the icing on the cake.