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5 Reasons you should get ride on kids cars for your child -

5 Reasons you should get ride on kids cars for your child

If your child is pining over a ride on kids’ car, the best thing you can do is get them one. Ride on Kids cars took the NZ market by storm – and for a very good reason; from fostering creativity to nurturing a sense of independent play in children, there is a lot of ride on kids’ car can do for your kid. Granted kids cars generally bring huge smiles to children’s faces but when your kid gets into their cool electric ride on car, there’s a lot more happening than them just ‘playing’ or ‘driving around’. They are learning to move about, explore and become more responsible. Ride on kids car have a lot to offer and we cannot sum their benefits up in a day – but that doesn’t mean we will give up. Here are the top 5 reasons you should get an ride on kids cars for your kid:

 1) They Develop Your Child’s Motor Skills

When your child takes that stunning car out for a spin, they are having fun, sure but they are also becoming more aware of their surroundings and learning the basics of navigation. Electric ride-on cars can help your child fully develop and tune their motor skills. Ride on kids’ cars are designed to look and work like real cars. That is why they come with in-built features such as latched doors and steering wheels. When children drive these cars, they learn to use these features. By using a steering wheel, they can manoeuvre their car around and control it. That means a child has to figure out how to swerve to avoid that hurdle or to slow down on a rough terrain, which is a valuable learning experience. Ride on cars also help children understand the concept of space and that builds their spatial intelligence.

 2) They Encourage Outdoor Activity

With tablets, phones and video gaming on the rise, kids these days seldom go out to play. Playing outdoors is a super important educational experience for children in developmental stages. They get physical activity, explore, and learn new things about their surroundings. In addition to motivating children to go outdoors and play, ride on toys also make physical activity fun for children which is a huge plus. Ride on kids’ cars or peddle cars will not move until a child uses his or her feet and they won’t turn until your child steers them. This strengthens your child’s leg and arm muscles. Even electric ride on cars for kids require leg and arm action. Your child might not realise it on a battery-powered toy, but they are getting enough exercise. Children use their legs to accelerate and their arms to steer the vehicle around, so they are still exercising!

 3) They Give Your Child a Sense of Autonomy

It is extremely important for your child (especially if you have a toddler) to develop a sense of autonomy and independence. Babies are highly dependent on their parents, but toddlers are different; they are only beginning to explore the world on their own. Gifting them kids ride on car at this stage can be very beneficial. A kids ride on car can make your child more observant and self-reliant. When they take that stunning Audi out for a drive, they are learning how to tackle obstacles and deal with problems they encounter on the path in a proactive manner. Once a child overcomes an obstacle or successfully completes a challenging ride, they have a sense of accomplishment which is great for their self-esteem, confidence, and self-image.

 4) They Are Safe

The best ride on cars for kids offer a fun experience to your child without compromising on their safety. Safety should be your number one priority when you shop for a toy of any kind. Ride on kids cars are build out of durable material so they are super safe. In-built features such as parental remote-control system, seat belts, and locking doors act as a safety check for your child, effectively minimising any chances of accident or injury. Still, you need to take steps to ensure your child has a wholesome and productive playday. Make sure that your child fastens the seat belt and wears a helmet prior to going for a ride. Also, ensure that there is an adult around to supervise your child as they play with their ride on car.

 5) They Fuel Your Child’s Imagination 

Children are very creative and imaginative. When you give them their very own vessel, there is no limit to their creativity. With electric ride on cars, children slip into this world of fantasy and make-believe where they create their own adventures. Whether they outrace the “Dad Bear” or run a make-believe farm errand, whether they rush someone into the emergency room or drive their friends around, electric ride on cars gets your child’s creative juices flowing. Ride on Kid’s cars inspire them to create make-believe situations, scenarios, and plotlines. This pretend play might seem cute and silly to you but they actually play a crucial role in developing your child’s problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

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Ready to add fun and joy to your child’s life? Browse our extensive collection of kids ride on cars and pick the perfect present for your child now!

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