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Learning to drive with Ride on Kids Cars -

Learning to drive with Ride on Kids Cars

Childhood is an exciting time for kids as not only are they discovering things about the big wide world, but about themselves too! Whether that is learning our ABCs in school, an instrument, or wanting to play football – the fun never stops! However, as young teenagers and adults, we begin to think about where life will take us, or more specifically, how we will get there – that’s where driving comes into play. For most, it is an important life skill which helps us travel from A to B, but learning does not have to begin at 17. Why not start age 3, 6, or 10? Well now you can with Ride-on Kids Cars! Ride-on kid’s cars are a brilliant introduction to get your kids on the move and experience the fun of driving. They are safe, affordable, and built for hours of amusement for your little ones. With plenty of options to choose from via our website selecting the perfect car could not be easier. We supply electric cars based on real brands such as LamborghiniLexusBMW and Audi; and in terms of colour and design remember to always look at the specifications and features before you buy so it’s the right one for them. Once this is done, it’s time to teach the rules of the road! So, here are some of our top tips on how to get your kids involved with driving and train them up for a car of their own in the future.

Tips and tricks Find a safe and spacious location to explore and play in such as the garden, park, or even your own driveway (provided it is empty). Anywhere that is accessible to you, and void of objects that could potentially cause injury is a plus. Read the instruction manual and learn as with any electronic device about its basic functions and tools before starting to get in gear. You could also refresh your memory on the highway code itself which leads to our next point.


 Get crafty by making your own traffic signs and lights out of cardboard and coloring pens. This way they can visual the images and symbols better when out on their next road trip, whilst also learning about their meanings along the way. As an added bonus, use chalk to make parking bays and road markings on the ground – helpful when it comes to learning certain manoeuvres and the alignment of lanes. We have all got to start somewhere, and by giving clear and simple instructions, this will allow your kids to understand directions easier and familiarize themselves with their car – they will be naturals in no time! Finally, as parents, be your child’s cheerleader as you encourage them to do their very best! And if they make a mistake or find things troubling, motivate them to try again and again. If you are ready to give your kids a gift and lesson they will never forget, do not hesitate to visit our website to find out more.

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