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Motoring like mum and dad on matching ride-on kids cars -

Motoring like mum and dad on matching ride-on kids cars

If you drive a major-brand car, 4x4 or SUV, there is nothing cuter than getting matching ride-on cars for the kids so they can drive like daddy or motor like mummy!

Our wide range of electric ride-on cars includes most of the major brands from Audi, BMW and Bentley to Ferrari and Ford, Lexus, Lamborghini, and Mercedes.

We also have electric ride-on 4x4s and SUVs including some of the brands already listed, plus electric ride-on Land Rovers and Range Rovers.

If you drive any of those brands and want matching ride-on cars for the children, just take a look around our website and we're sure to have a close match for your make and model.

Why do kids love matching ride-on kids cars so much?

Let's be honest, literally Any ride-on kids car is bound to go down well with the kids, so when you get them a ride-on kids car that matches mummy and daddy's, it's even more special.

Kids love to be able to do the same things as their parents, and lots of young children also like to feel grown-up, so climbing behind the wheel of their own electric ride ticks both boxes.

We even have ride-on police cars, so if either (or both!) of the parents are police officers, the kids can stage their own hot pursuit in the back yard.

(Don't worry - with a safety seatbelt, a top speed of 3 mph and a remote control for a parent to take over the steering, this is one car chase that can always end safely!)

How to find matching ride-on kids cars

It's easy to find matching ride-on kids cars on our website, whether you prefer to search or just click/tap your way around.

The search box at the top of the page is the easiest way to find something specific - you can just type in the make and model of ride-on kids car you want, and it will give you results in order of relevance, so even if there's no exact match, you can see the next nearest option.

Alternatively, we have Shop by Brand ride-on kids cars by make and model on our main menu, with separate pages for the main models of ride-on SUVs and 4x4s, so just click through to the manufacturer you're looking to match, and see if we have the model you need.

We try to cover all the bases so if your family car is a major make and model, there's a very strong chance we have a good match for it, so your kids can drive just like mummy and daddy do!


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